American dermatology expert guidance: supine helps eliminate eye bags

Many people think that eye bags are a sign of aging. In fact, lack of sleep, allergies, travel, contact lenses, crying, drugs, drunkenness, and excessive salt consumption may all cause eye bags. The latest article in the US "MSN Life Network" published the "Tips for Eliminating Eye Bags" summarized by many dermatologists.

1. Get enough sleep and lie on your back. American dermatologist Cassie Ashkaite said that he should maintain at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. During sleep, the head should be higher than the heart to prevent facial swelling, supine is the best sleeping position.

2. Make up body fluids to prevent dehydration. Ashkaite said that dehydration is easy to cause puffiness, so drink plenty of water every day. The study found that women should supplement at least 2.7 liters of water with drinks and food every day. In addition, eat more watery foods such as cucumbers, watermelons and tomatoes.

3. Partial facial massage. Ashkaite suggested that if you swell your eyes when you wake up, it is best to do a partial massage to your face. You can use a soft brush to dry massage in the area under the eyes for 3 minutes, gently brush upwards. It can also be done before going to bed.

4. Refrigerate the eye mask to reduce inflammation and swelling. In order to deal with acute eyelid swelling, cold compresses, cucumber patch and other traditional treatments can help reduce inflammation and eliminate puffiness. You can also put the eye mask into the refrigerator for a period of time and take out the cold compress eye, which can also quickly reduce the swelling.

5. Active skin care and sun protection. Exposure will inevitably damage the skin including the eyes. Harmful ultraviolet rays can damage and degrade the natural collagen and elastin in the skin, which in turn leads to sagging skin and prominent eye bags. Applying sunscreen that meets the SPF standard is very important when going out, and the lower part of the eyes should also be applied in place.

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Updated date: 2020/04/24

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