Beauty skin care tips

Fasting detoxifies skin

1. Time: The time of fasting to detoxify the skin is 3-7 days, eat the following contents in the morning, middle and dinner:

2. Yogurt, honey, papaya, sesame, apple, protein powder, various nutritional supplement tablets, 600 mg of vitamin C, olive oil.

3. After mixing with a blender, eat directly, and do not eat other foods.


Use vinegar to polish

1. If you wash your face with a bottle of white vinegar in a half-basin of water at 30 degrees Celsius, you can remove the gloss and clean the excess cuticle of the epidermis to avoid damage to the cuticle.

2. The skin feels smooth and tight after washing the face, and don't forget to use suitable moisturizing products to prevent the internal oil from drying out.


Wash your face with fruit residue

1. Use green tea, black tea, scented tea, or the residue of freshly squeezed soy milk or lemonade to adjust your face wash. Before going to bed every night, pour the tea that has been drunk all day into the washbasin. Adjust cold water to warm water


DIY Vitamin E Mask

1. Take one compressed mask paper and soak it in fresh milk, and drop two drops of natural VE.

2. After 2.5 minutes, take out the mask paper, open it, apply it on the face, and wait until the mask paper is semi-dry and wash it off with warm water.

3. Frequent use can whiten and remove freckles, with natural vitamin E soft capsules taken daily, the effect is very good

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Updated date: 2020/05/07

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