Don't want to grow wrinkles? Eat less
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Want to reduce wrinkles? American researchers suggest that you may try to eat less, which helps delay aging and live younger and longer.

Researchers at Brigham Young University conducted experiments on two groups of mice to test the effect of calorie intake on aging. One group of mice eats as much as they want, while the other group of mice is restricted and their caloric intake is 35% lower than the former. The results showed that mice with controlled food intake were more energetic and less likely to get sick.

Researchers published in the journal "Molecular and Cellular Proteomics" that eating less can slow down the activity of ribosomes involved in protein synthesis, and at the same time reduce protein production, it will win time for the ribosome to repair itself. In this way, the body's natural aging process will be delayed to some extent, such as less wrinkles, longer nights, or late white hair.

Research author John Price explained that ribosomes are like a car and require regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts. Reducing food intake can help this "car" work better through a series of biochemical changes, thereby delaying aging. But Price reminded that one should not rely solely on calorie diets to stay young forever.

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Updated date: 2020/05/15

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