If you can’t sleep well, you get old

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life and the increase in work pressure, we often do not get enough sleep and rest. In the past, all kinds of eye failure problems have followed: dark circles, eye bags, and eye lines "freeze" in our eyes side. "If you can't sleep well, you will get old."


Eye aging

Witness the departure of youth

"Yesterday, did you sleep well?" The urban people's survival pressure is increasing, the lack of sleep time and the quality of sleep are not high, causing many eye diseases. Now more and more people, "being old before declining" are promoted to "eye bags", "black eye circles" and "eye wrinkles".


Eye problems


Expose woman aging

Eyes haggard, a teenager old. Women's aging, three major eye problems are often the main reasons for leaking age:

Dark circles-dark circles are also commonly referred to as "panda eyes", because they often stay up late, work overtime, have poor mood, eye fatigue, insufficient oxygen supply to the red blood cells of the eye skin, and form chronic hypoxia. Pigmentation, the older people, the thinner the subcutaneous fat around the eyes, so dark circles are more obvious.


Eye bags-After the middle age, the eyelid skin shrinks and relaxes due to reduced moisture, the orbicularis oculi muscle becomes loose, the tension of the orbital septum is weakened, and the intraorbital fat herniates forward and downward due to gravity, thereby forming an eye bag. Eye bags not only make people look old and tired, but also seriously affect their eyesight.


Eye lines — fine lines of the eyes are also important body surface characteristics of skin aging. In addition, climate, occupation, lifestyle, etc. are also influencing factors. Moreover, recent studies have found that the use of inferior cosmetics is very irritating to the skin and can easily cause roughness, aging and wrinkles.


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Updated date: 2020/04/30

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