If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, you need to prevent mites

Summer, especially during the rainy days, is the season when mites thrive. Mites are tiny creatures that can only be seen through a microscope and are ubiquitous in everyday life. They are not only easy to cause skin allergies, but also the culprit of allergic asthma, cough, allergic rhinitis and other diseases.


There are several types of people who are easily attacked by mites, and measures should be taken to prevent and eliminate mites. 1. People who often work in air-conditioned rooms. If the air conditioner filter is not cleaned on time, it is easy to breed mites. 2. Children and the elderly. These two types of people have weakened immunity, not as strong as adults, and are more sensitive to mites and their secretions. Especially if children do not pay attention to hygiene, they are easily infected with mites. 3. People with more outdoor activities. Some plants in the park and green belts have mite parasites on their leaves. People who are outdoors can contaminate mites when playing.


Mites like to live in mattresses, carpets, pillows, cushions, and mats. It is best to remove the mites in time when they change seasons. It should be noted that many people think that boiling water can scald mites. In fact, the effect of removing mites is only obvious when soaked in boiling water for more than half an hour. Many families do not have this condition. In addition, mites are "smart" and will avoid the less hot back sun, so removing mites by basking in the sun has little effect. Mite removal machines and vacuum cleaners have the best effect, and their powerful suction power can suck away the mites that live in deep layers.

Updated date: 2020/05/15

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