Men wash their faces, do not go to the two extremes

Men have more outdoor activities, coupled with strong oil secretion and rough skin, which are more prone to blackheads and wrinkles than women. Their skin is often a "big oil field" in summer, how can they stay refreshed?

The most important thing for men's skin care is to wash their faces. When washing face, men often go to extremes, either wipe with clean water or use facial cleanser with particles for a long time. After washing with clean water, the dirt and old cuticles hidden deep in the skin still exist; the old cleansing and degreasing facial cleanser with too strong oil will cause excessive stimulation to the skin and cause enlarged pores. It is recommended to choose a neutral facial cleanser with a mild texture and do not use overheated water.

Regarding the maintenance after washing the face, in general, the body lotion is less oily than the cream, and the cream is less oily than the ointment. For most men, body lotion is the most suitable for their skin characteristics.

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Updated date: 2020/04/10

Microdermabrasion Machine



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Face cleansing brush


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Skin epilator



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Suitable for underarms, bikinis area, legs, arms , etc