Sleep well and regularly can help women fight acne

Some women have come out of acne, and acne begins to emerge. To improve the problem of acne, the most important thing is to adjust your schedule. Adequate sleep is the key to maintaining beauty.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that the body's metabolism and hormone secretion have certain rhythms, and the secretion of female hormones is mainly concentrated at night. If the day and night are turned upside down and insomnia stays up, it will destroy the normal physiological rhythms, resulting in imbalance or even insufficient secretion of female hormones. It will affect skin health. The theory of meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine also believes that the qi and blood of the liver and gallbladder meridian are most vigorous between 11 pm and 3 am. If you do not rest at this time, the liver's detoxification function will be affected, which will cause pathological reactions such as qi stagnation or liver and gallbladder fire. Poor skin metabolism and affecting face. And when women feel nervous and accumulate stress, they also make the skin rough and sensitive, and it is easy to produce facial blisters, dark spots and wrinkles, which is also a manifestation of liver qi stagnation.

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Updated date: 2020/03/19

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