Wash your face with a degree, beware the more you wash the more oil

There are many factors that cause skin sensitivity, including internal factors such as age and endocrine, as well as external factors such as stress, bad mood, drinking, and spicy food. Among them, excessive cleansing is a very common and important cause of skin sensitivity.

The outermost layer of our skin is the stratum corneum, which has a layer of sebum film emulsified by sweat and sebum to protect the human body. Excessive cleaning and improper use of cosmetics (such as alkaline soapy face washing) will not only remove dust, aging cuticles, microorganisms, etc. on the skin surface, but also damage the normal sebum film. . People with oily skin (such as acne often) always want to wash away all the oil on their face, hoping to improve the symptoms of hair follicle blockage and acne. As everyone knows, this will make the skin oilier.

Excessive cleansing will also cause damage to the skin barrier function, increase the rate of dehydration of the skin, lack of water, dry and rough; the protection is weakened, harmful microorganisms, external chemical, physical, and biological factors are easily invaded or irritated, especially vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation Stinging when using cleansing and cosmetics.

For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to wash the face with water at a temperature of 36 ℃ ~ 37 ℃, which avoids causing hot and cold irritation to the skin; use mild soap-free cleansing products; try to avoid exfoliating products and use fragrance-free products , Contains no preservatives, less irritating medical skin care products and physical sunscreens; and pay attention to the rules of life and relax.

Updated date: 2020/01/03

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