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"NEWDERMO Diamond Micro-Engraving Machine provides a certain negative pressure through an adjustable air pump and produces slight friction between the medical grade diamond and the skin, so that the aging damaged cells are automatically detached, so that the damaged skin cells no longer adhere to the surface, while Stimulates the skin growth layer to absorb oxygen, promote blood circulation, accelerate skin tissue development, promote collagen proliferation and elastin production, and milden without irritating the skin.

ND-9001 Microdermabrasion Machine
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Product Description

NEWDERMO DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION through the certain amount of negative pressure provided by an adjustable pump and light up between the medical diamonds and skin to separate the aging damaged cells from surface. At the same time, it stimulates the skin growth layer to absorb oxygen, promote blood circulation and accelerate skin tissue development, promote the hyperplasia of collagen and formation of elastin. It is mild and not stimulates the skin.

Compared with the chemical method, this pure physical and mechanical way to remove horny is more mild and not stimulate and suitable for sensitive skin. The working is controlled by the suction size and tips, which avoid leaving the wound, pigmentation and skin redness after use. It will not have the crystal particles flying and residual phenomenon when working. The whole process is safe and clean.

Regularly use will stimulate your skin, clean your skin, reduce your fine lines, improve your skin color, remove acne marks, shrink pores, promote the pores permeability and the essence of the absorption.

Insist on using once a week, you will achieve your satisfied skin within 60 days.


Rated voltage:                        5V

Battery capacity:                     3.7V 850mAh

Machine size :                         90*90*145mm

Color:                                       white or silver

Accessories:                            beauty tips, power cord, manual, velvet bag

Using time:                              60-80 mins.

Charging time:                         2-3hours

1.LCD Display Screen Intelligent display indicates work area, mode , power ,level , time and battery clearly.Free to transfer auto or manual mode

2. All diamond tips are made by JR DIAMOND TOOLS( mother company of newdermo) who has over 15 years experience in making diamond tips for proffesional dermabrasion machines. Suction power has 3 levels for choice, up to 60+-5kpa. 4 types of tips for choice. Standard packing will include standard tip and massage tip listed as below

3. Rechargeable base with machine standing on the charge base ,the battery can be charged and space is saved


Deeply exfoliates. Buffs away dull , rough patches. Polishes and revitalizes your skin Evens skin tone Minimizes pore size Reduces wrinkle depth Use vacuum suction technology to remove unhealthy skin and promote the growth of healthy new cells.

Product Packing

Neutral Packaging:                                  19*19*7CM

Neutral Packaging gross weight:             676.1g

Outer box size:                                         440*413*363mm

Neutral Outer box size :                           40*35.7*1010px

Gross weight of Outer box:                      16KG

The quantity of outer box :                       20 set

Micrdermabrasion Machine size :                90*90*145mm

We can be customized according to customer requirements packaging equipment!

Two kinds of trays for option


Wooden tray:need to be fumigated,it is heavier than plastic tray         


Plastic tray:no need to be fumigated,and the life is longe and more difficult to control   


Lead Time:

Set/sets          Estimated time (days)

≧ 10                7

≧ 200             15

≧ 1000            30


The production time of first order is about 45 days

Re-order production time is about 20-30days

Newdermo Workshop

Microdermabrasion Machine



Popular microdermabrasion machine, Deeply exfoliates,

polishes and revitalizes your skin.

Allow you to retrieve the younger , healthier and cleaner skin by removing top layer of dead skin

Face cleansing brush


Face cleansing brush innovative and high- frequency vibration technology,providing 
different cleansing modes.
high- frequency vibration and high speed rotation at same time,
providing thorough cleansing experience, safe and non irritating.

Skin epilator



For wet and dry use

Double mode : option-trimming/ hair removal

Close contact with skin , high efficient hair removal.

Suitable for underarms, bikinis area, legs, arms , etc